"Welcome To Our Page."
"We really enjoy nap time".
Here at Circle J's Boston's , Our Boston Terriers Are a Big part of our Family.
My Husband & Oreo
We Love Riding on The Golf Cart.
   Most Boston's Love to travel
Raven & Flash
"I Love to Play With My Ball".
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*  Boarding & Grooming
          Dogs & Cats
* Show Dog Handling
*  Puppies Occasionally
*  Older dogs Occasionally
*Stud services to
    approved bitches
* Photography
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*  Doggy Day Care
*Boston Rescue
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Cindy Jones
Cindy Jones
205-364-0150 Home
(205) 758-9630 cell
"We Love To sit in Mom's Chair and Watch Animal Planet."
We are holding "Doc" and "Kay-Dee"
Betty Boop & Jasper learning to Show Stack
We Also Enjoy going to the River.
But we always wear Our Life Jackets.
One of my Sons , James with Jasper.
Ch. Circle J's Betty Boop    
see her page here Betty Boop
Circle J's Ghost Of A Chance
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they do make our lives whole"
“In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”

Puppies Available Now!
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Puppies Available Now!
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Here At Circle J's Boston Terriers, We Raise only Top Quality Boston Terriers.
Breeding Boston Terriers  for good Health , Good Temperament, and good Conformation. Breeding As close to the Boston Terrier Standard as possible. We occasionally have Boston Terrier Pups available for the Show ring, or just to Show off in your lap. Please be sure to visit Our Nursery to see our Beautiful Boston Terrier puppies for sale. There you will find the Boston Terrier Puppy of your Dreams!

Sandy Brue of "Sandicast" used "Toby"
A Puppy I produced from "Star & Bandit" to pose for this statue.
What a Wonderful Job Sandy!
What a Beautiful Puppy, ownded by the  Schaefers

Circle J's Special Edition
CH. Circle J's Mr Bo Jangles
     "Bo Jangles"
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Circle J's Destiny
Circle J's Dear Abby
Betty Boop is the Mother of all three of the Boston's Above
  Casper is Betty Boop's Brother
New Champion
Ch. Flashpoints Cosmic Ray  X   Ch.Circle J'sCharismatic Destiny

Dottie sitting with Rebekah
Circle J's Special Edition
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The Winning Image
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Leah , my second Grand Daughter
with puppy from Windy & M.Force
Rabekah, My first Grand Daughter

"Tansley" my thrid Grand Daughter with a 5 week old puppy.
Both seems to Love each other a lot.
Grand Daughter Tansley with "Little Hoss"