"Best Friends"
"Kissey, Kissey"
I Love my Paw Paw !

"Look Paw Paw, No Hands!"
What happened to him?
"Move over Dottie"
"I Don't have to smile, Dottie's not smiling!"
"Let Dottie sit in My Chair".
  Now what Bekah?,
I don't like to rock.
Rebekah Jones
"I Love You Dottie".
"Maw Maw, What a Big Bed You Have."
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But, Maw Maw, I'm not sleepy.....
"What do you mean Dottie went outside to Poop?"
      "Come on Paw Paw,
I need to go out and Poop now."
It's a small world
First Sink Bath
4 months
Rebekah with her Boston "Becky Boo"
           ( Rebekha 6 months)