Circle J's Boston Terriers
Sales Contract

The Purchase of a Circle J's Boston Terrier puppy or dog is subject to the  following conditions:
1.) All "Companion/Pet Puppies" are sold with  Limited Registration.
        All Companion Puppies are to be Spayed or neutered, Not Bred!
        We do not sell Puppies just for breeding purpose. AKC papers will not be given to pet puppies
          since papers are not required for a pet since you are not going to bred or show.

(2.) All "Show Prospects" that are sold  as  As Show Puppies aare Co Owned with Cindy Jones,
            and  come with Full Registration  And Must be Shown to their Championship!
(3.) All puppies sold by Circle J's will be up to date on all vaccinations and deworming
     at the time of sale. The new Owner is expected to continue the vaccination as
     prescribed by their Veterinarian. All Puppies must be examined by a licensed
     Veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase and a copy of the examination must be
     returned to Circle J's within 3 days of purchase date for any guarantee to be valid.
                                     It may be faxed to 205-758-0232
(4)   Circle J's Boston's are guaranteed against life treating genetic defects til the age of one year .
       Circle J's has the right to have a Veterinarian of our choice examine
       the puppy before any replacement is made.The Puppy will be replaced with one of
       equal  value.And same sex if available. All shipping to &  from Circle J Boston's
       will be paid by the Buyer. Replacement puppy means the first puppy will be returned
        to Circle J Boston's.

(5.) Circle J reserves the right to withhold , or not supply the AKC registration papers on any puppy sold as Pet.

(6.) All Puppies sold by Circle J will have the prefix " Circle J's in the name of the puppy.

(7.)       If sold as a Show prospect, Buyer agrees to take all steps necessary to ensure that the
dog is shown and evaluated at AKC approved dog shows between the ages of 6 and 24 months.
Buyer further agrees to advise Seller at least one week in advance of the dates and locations of
the shows in which the dog is registered to be shown and will further advise Seller of the results and
placements of the dog at such shows.  Buyer agrees that if the dog is not an AKC Champion of
record at 24 months, Buyer must allow Seller the opportunity to finish the dog’s championship. 
Seller will select the AKC approved shows to be entered.  All show entry fees and Handling shall
be the responsibility of the Buyer.  Circle J Boston Terriers will not be responsible for any expense
of the  showing of the puppy.Circle J retains the breeding rights to all Show Quality
      puppies sold. Circle J does not guarantee the puppy to complete it's Championship.

(8.) This puppy is considered show quality, and shall not be neutered or spayed unless agreed upon
by both Buyer and Seller. If this is not followed, the Buyer is responsible for paying Seller the increase
in value of this animal.  The value of the dog shall be determined by breeding possibilities, titles, and
show expenses to date.  In addition, the puppy will be registered with the Circle J's  prefix and the name
of your choice.  

(9.)  Circle J Boston Terriers has a "Welcome Home Policy" which means:
       If at anytime the purchaser finds that he/she can no longer care for this animal or
       does not feel that this animal is suitable for them any longer
      The Purchaser agrees not to sell, place or abandon this animal to a shelter, rescue,
      or individual, but agrees to return this animal to the seller, Cindy Jones, at no cost to the  seller. 

(10) Circle J Boston's does not guarantee any puppy raised on the Raw Diet or other
      Diet other than a good well known kibble that seller is feeding puppy.
        All Puppies must be kept on the puppy food they are being fed at the time of sell
        or one approved by Circle J Boston Terriers.
     Due to the varying kinds of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions the dogs    
  come on contact with, we will not guarantee the dog unless they’re given NuVet Plus daily at the  
     manufacturer’s suggested dosage for the first 3 years  Failure to do so makes this guarantee null and 
      void. Not available in stores –click here to order and have on hand when your new puppy comes
home.        NuVet Plus
(11) The Buyer agrees that before taking ownership of this puppy, that if for any reason this contract is
not upheld and a Law Suit is involved, it is understood that the case will be filed in Tuscaloosa County of Alabama
and not the Buyers home town.

(12) I  Cindy Jones will remain owner on said puppy.The puppy is to finish it's
Championship Title before it is bred. When & if  the time comes for it to be bred, Cindy Jones must approve of the stud
or bitch before breeding is to take place. This is to keep our puppies out of Puppy Mills.
I have read and understand this agreement and agree to abide by the conditions stated within.
  by typing in the information below, it is the same as my written signature and is binding by law.   

Phone Number
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you may fax it to (205) 758-0232
"We do Not Sell to "Pet Stores , Brokers or Puppy Mills."
Cindy Jones
(205) 758-3069
Thanks, Cindy Jones
Please call me !  (205) 758-3069
You will need to be aproved before you send a deposit.
Thank You, Cindy
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Price of puppy
All "COMPANION" puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement and that if any puppies are born to this dog, AKC will not recognize them.

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