Circle J's
Deposit Contract
I Cindy Jones, Take a deposit of The Amount Stated Above, on the Puppy named above.
The Deposit is a promise to buy the Puppy. If for some reason the Buyer changes his or her mind on the Puppy named above,they can pick another Puppy from the same litter if one is available.If they choose not to pick another Puppy, they will lose the deposit they have put down.If something should happen to the puppy, it will be applied to the next litter. All Puppies are sold as Pets or Show Prospects. All Companion / Pet Puppies are to be Spayed or neutered.
        We do not sell Puppies for breeding purpose. Do not tell a lie to get one of my puppies.
If you put down a deposit, and I find out that you have lied to me about how many dogs you have, or anything else, you will lose your deposit..
The deposit is non refundable.The Purchaser has read and fully understands the terms of this contract and agrees to comply with them. By filling out this contract and sending it in, is the same as signing the contract.
Please print this out, Sign it, and send it with your deposit.
No Personal Checks, I accept Charge Cards, U.S. Postal Money Orders,
Western Union or direct deposit only.
                                             Also print a copy for your records too.
Click inside the boxes and type you information
If using your charge card,
just click on "submit"
to send me the Contract.
To make deposit, click
on the Credit Card to
the right.

A Deposit Amount of $400.00 is required
This Form is put on the internet for your convenience only.
   You need to call  205-758-3069 to be pre-approved first.

Cindy Jones
(205) 758-3069
Please call me !
You will need to be aproved before you send a deposit.
Thank You, Cindy
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Discount Order Code 96624
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