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Cindy Jones
Ch. Circle J's Betty Boop
This page was last updated on: February 5, 2009
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Come On Mom, Give me the Treat!
Jasper   ,B.B.,    Kay Dee,   &    Casper
All Babies of " Winnie & Flash"
Circle J's Betty Boop  (B.B.)
Did very Good on her first Shows,In the Puppy Class.
Sunday Sept. 26 she won "Winners" & "Best Of Opp.Sex"
She won her first 2 points at her first set of Shows.
She was up against some very nice Boston's
And a Specail Thanks to Judge Dr. Bernard McGiven Jr.
Since he Put Up both my Puppies over all the nice Grown Bostons.

                                                          Show Record

              Shows                                                               Judges                                  Results                Points

9-26-04 - GR Murfreesboro Kennel Club -     Dr. Bernard E. McGivern Jr    .-        1/W/OS               2 Points
11-20-04 - Tuscaloosa Kennel Club      -        Ms. Janet Allen Jacobsen        -      1/W/BW/OS       2 Point
11-21-04- Montgomery Kennel Club     -       Mrs Molly Martin                      -     1/W/BW/OS        1 Point
11-26-04 - Savannah Kennel Club   -              Mrs.Gloria L. Mitcham-Geringer  1/W/BP/BW/OS     2 Points
11-29-04 - Beaufort Kennel Club              -     Mrs Joan E. Beech                            1/W/BW/OS        1Point
12-03-04- Pearl River Kennel Club    -            Michele L. Billings                             1/W/OS                1 Point
12-04-04 - Metairie Kennel Club      -             Mrs. Joan Gordan Alexander         1/W/BB/BW         2 Points
12-10-04 -  Space Coast Kennel Club            Dorothy  D. Nickles                           1/WB                    2 Points
12-11-04    Central Florida Kennel Club        Mr. William J. Dolan                          1/W/OS        Major 3 points
1-08-2005  Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers   Mrs. Catherine S DiGiacomo            1/W/BW       Major 3 point


"B.B." Is Our Pride & Joy.
            pictured here at 11 months
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Circle J's Betty Boop's pedigree
Best Of Bred
1-08-2005  Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers   1/W/BW    Major 3 point
Handled by Professional Handler  Barbara Beissel
A Big Thank You to Barbara for a Great Job!
And a Specail Thanks to Judge Mrs. Catherine S DiGiacomo Dr. Bernard McGiven Jr.
First Litter !!!
First Litter !!!
First Litter !!!
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Ch. Circle J’s Betty Boop


Betty Boop arrived on Earth
Gift wrapped in merriment and mirth
Born one week before Christmas Day
So much joy….. we shouted hurray!

A precious vision to behold
So proud, as her future unfolds
Cute as a button, sweet and bright
Betty Boop is such a delight.

She’s a champ, and mother of three
We adore our lovely B.B.
Truly a blessing from above
Filling our hearts and home with love.

Created by Arlene Millman
Betty Boops First Show