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Spirit of the Heartland Kennel                 5/02/2009                           Mr Wayne E Bousek                 1/W/OS                     1
Jefferson County KC of Missouri           5/03/2009                            Ms JoAnne R Schullier             1//W/OS                  1
Illinois Valley KC of Peoria Inc              5/22/2009                           Ms Angela J Porpora                 1/W/OS                     1
Corn Belt Kennel Club Inc                        5/23/2009                           Mr Dennis McCoy                      1/W/BW/OS            1
Corn Belt Kennel Club Inc                        5/25/2009                           Mr Randy E Garren                1/W/BW/BB              1    (over a Special)
Wheaten Kennel Club                                6-7-2009                              Mr. Thomas E. Daniels             1/W/BW/BB            1

Gracie Taking 1/W/BOS under Judge Ms JoAnne R Schullier .
Thank You Lana,!   
  Gracie going BOB under Judge  Mr Randy E Garren  
Great job Lana!        
Date of Birth10-05-2008
Gracie going Winner Bitch over  Top Winning Bitches in Greenville SC. Winning a 4 Point Major under Judge Mrs.Marilyn Dromgoole.
Thank You Susan Sanders for a wonderful Job Handling.!
Champions Produced

Ch. Circle J's Me & Mrs. Jones
Ch. Circle J's Amazing Grace
Ch. Circle J's Amazing Grace