Ch. Circle J's Charismatic Destiny                             (Cara)

Cara, Cara.......  What's in a name?
Say it twice, it sounds just the same
Charismatic thru and thru
All the dreams are coming true!

Cara, indeed, how can this be?
It's in the cards, it's Destiny
Elegant, and such a cutie
Poise combined with inner beauty.

Cara emerges from the crowd
A champion to make us proud
Loving and humble to the core
Who could ask for anything more?

by: Arlene Millman

Ch. Circle J's Charismatic Destiny
         Ch  Circle J's Naughty Kay Dee  X Ch. Sunwoods Destiny Awaits
                                   Owners: Arlene Millman & Cindy Jones

               Cara   Finished her Championship with 3 Majors @ the age of 11 months!
A Big Thank You to Barbara Beissel for such a Wonderful Job Handling Cara.
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This page was last updated: July 30, 2008
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     Cara Mommy

Cara is a mother now
Job well done, please take a bow
Cutest little Boston tots
She nurtures them, loves them lots.

A six-pack of fur at play
Three boys, three girls, spend their day
Enthralled with life, learning much
From their mother’s tender touch.

Cara's litter, champs to be
So proud of her progeny
A bright future for them all
Going far, having a ball!

Her offspring will grow and love
Protection from up above
Winners in the ring, and out
Destiny brings it about.

by: Arlene Millman