JCH Circle J's Golden Aylin

Aylin at the Nat. Dog Show Bulle (CH) 12.07.2008
Ex1, CACJ, best female, best young, Best of Breed

Ex1, CACJ, Best Female, Best Young, BOB (Best of Breed)

Aylin is now Swiss Young Champion

We are so proud to our little Alabama girl on her first dog Show and I will say it again : thank you Cindy so much!

                                                                  Show Record
Aylin ist jetzt Schweizer Jugend Champion  -  Aylin is now Swiss Young  Champion

12.07.2008 Nat. Dog Show Bulle (CH)
Jugendklasse/Youth Class Ex1, CACJ, best female, best Young, BOB Mr. M. Le Magnan (F)
22.06.2008 Int. Dog Show Luzern (CH) Jugendklasse/Youth Class Sg2 Mrs. W. Hübenthal (S)
21.06.2008 Int. Dog Show Luzern (CH) Jugendklasse/Youth Class Sg2 Mr. F. Cochetti (I)
18.05.2008 Int. Dog Show St. Gallen (CH), 2x CAC,  Jugendklasse/Youth Class Ex1, 2xCACJ,
BOB Youth Mr. L. Pichard(CH)


Thank You Susanne
Owned , Handled, & Loved &  By , Susanne Daniela  Urban

One famous day of Aylin's success:

Club: 1st Club of Boston Terrier, Germany (CBD)
Date: 29 of August 2009
Judge: Mr. Carl Gomes
Entries: 78 Bostons
Victory: Club Winner, Best female

This Club Show is the biggest Boston Terrier Speciality in the German speaking Europe.